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MontCo Music is a music lesson/instruction school located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, conveniently offering in-home or virtual online music lessons for students of all ages and levels. We specialize in private instruction for musical instruments not traditionally offered in public schools, namely Piano, Drum Set, Guitar and Bass, and Electronic Music Production.

We strive to make learning music fun and understand that every student learns differently and is interested in different types of music. Therefore, each MontCo Music student has a curriculum custom-tailored to fit his/her musical interests, abilities, and learning style. Our tech-savvy faculty can type up suitable arrangements of almost any music with our music notation software. So whether a student is interested in classical lessons, singing and songwriting,  jazz, rock & roll, film/theater music, or making beats in Garage Band, our young, capable and talented staff can accommodate!!

We take a different approach than most modern music schools, and that’s what separates us from the rest! So often, the problem with music education is usually that the expectation for every student is to ultimately become a virtuosic performer. However, now more than ever, performance is not the only route to take in the world of music. At Montco Music, our main goal is cognitive development, ensuring that whichever musical path a student chooses, that he/she reap the vast benefits of a music education, benefits that apply and carry over to many facets of life other than music. We strive to empower our students with the ability to later in life recognize and appreciate beauty. We never belittle our students if they don’t have time to to practice or fail to meet certain standards. Rather, we see it as part of our job to inspire students to want to practice. The truth is, music has changed,  people have changed, and we see no reason why music education shouldn’t change, as well.

Music is a language. Therefore, ALL MontCo Music students are required to learn how to read music, even if only a little, and although performing at our recitals and performances is encouraged,  it’s ALWAYS optional for the students.

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